Lets Face the Climate & Biodiversity Crisis Together

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission as a social enterprise is to empower people and businesses to take enlightened action in the face of the climate and biodiversity emergency.

Our teams of experts offer:

The challenge of the environmental crisis is the most pressing of our time, but this is also the greatest opportunity to unite humanity.

We Cannot Fight this Alone.

We need to be connected, grounded and balanced. Working together with creativity, courage and compassion do we have a chance to mitigate the worst effects.

We Are in this Together.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a society where all people feel equipped for the challenges that lie ahead. Being inclusive and open lie at the core of constructive human dialogue. We want to help make everyone feel part of the solution.

The Green Step was born out of a deep desire to work with and transform our feelings of grief, anger and fear into positive, inspired action. By integrating our feelings, speaking our truth and taking enlightened steps towards the future we can achieve a global Circular Economy.

Economies built on the humanistic principals of equality, justice and compassion facilitate strong communities, clear communication and resilience. Embodying this principals will enable us to keep changing the status quo and adapt to the challenges that lie ahead.

Together We Will Make This Our Reality

Our work is facilitated by the gentle, uplifting, healing plant medicine of cacao. Keep an eye on our events by following us on facebook and instagram to join us for a ceremony.

Our cacao is hand processed with intention and sourced ethically from indigenous people in the rainforest of Guatemala by Keith The Chocolate Shaman. To learn more about Keith’s Cacao head to his blog on Ceremonial Cacao.

Meet The Team

Melanie O’Driscoll

Workshop facilitator and podcast host

Founder of the Green Step, Melanie has a BA in Zoology from UCC and a background in environmental education and Buddhism. Her focus is to help people work with EcoGrief – the overlap of environmentalism and mental well being. Through community action, self awareness, fun and a positive forward thinking mentality she hopes to empower people to make and accept the changes necessary to limit runaway climate change. At the moment she enjoys foraging in the forest, experimenting with sound healing techniques, herbalism, writing, reading, spending time with animals, and cooking. This work and more helps her to transform her anxiety caused by the climate emergancy.

Meadhbh O’Leary Fitzpatrick

Workshop facilitator

Meadhbh is a Product Design and Technology graduate of the University of Limerick where she was trained to think critically and understand the world around her through the user needs, manufacturing needs and environmental needs of products. This lead to her fascination with the story of our stuff, the value of our materials, the impact of our consumption and uncovering ways to create more sustainable habits. She has dabbled in many creative fields being a traditional Irish musician, teacher, crocheter, doodler, zero waster, amateur gardener and! Her favorite hobbies at the moment are planting trees, doing poi, playing music, and finding different ways to cook with nutritional yeast.

Michaela Peters

Workshop facilitator

Michaela studied Ecology in UCC and an MA in Environment, Society and Development in NUIG. During her college years, as she grew more aware of the social and ecological crises, she got involved in many different forms of activism. Michaela loves to spend her time learning new things about the world through reading books. She also loves writing, climbing trees, sewing, playing her little ukulele, a great cuppa Barry’s tea  and as of recently, practicing Yoga. Michaela has a particular love of clothing and the materials that we wrap our bodies in. She wants to enable people to emotionally connect with the things in our lives and to care for them, reuse them and re-purpose them. She wants us to enjoy the creative, artistic and fun side of fashion without the negative social and environmental impacts.

Orsolya Becsey

Workshop facilitator

Originally from Hungary, with a BSc degree in tourism Orsi turned her attention to zero waste sometime in 2016 and started to eliminate single use and disposable items in her home. Nowadays she works with Cobh Zero Waste, raising awareness about waste and how it can be used as a resource. With a keen interest in the circular economy, Orsi is currently focusing on concepts like de-growth and deep adaptation. For her zero waste was a gateway to environmentalism and seeing the big picture, now declared as the climate and biodiversity emergency. She would like to help as many people as possible to reduce their consumption and offer support in their journey. Orsi enjoys dancing the night away, visible mending and is studying postgraduate certificate in innovation and enterprise development. If you want to see more of Orsi’s amazing work check out @cobhzerowaste 

Michelle Vedder

Podcast host

Michelle has a bachelors degree in wildlife management and is soon to have a masters degree in environmental science. She specializes in scientific communication and ecology; and believes that creating solutions to environmental problems starts with community engagement and a multi faced approach. In her spare time she enjoys invertebrate zoology, taking glamour shots of her snail @robertathesmolsnail and taking long naps. If you want to hear more from Michelle and her bad ass New York accent why not check out our podcast.

Sara Leacy

Podcast host

Sara has a BSc in Zoology from University College Cork and is now doing a master’s in Environmental Science. Sara is passionate about sharing her life as a scientist through her Instagram  @thepinkscientist. She proves that science graduates can most definitely wear pink, be beautiful and rock a bikini! Currently researching water chemistry, Sara is passionate about scientific communication while also travelling the world. Having just returned from New Zealand you can be sure she won’t stay put for long 😉 When Sara isn’t sampling or in the lab, she enjoys watching rugby and hiking. She LOVES food (especially pizza) and is known for her never ending snack supply. She loves the outdoors and is an all round badass – having climbed Carauntohill 7 times. Her favourite animal is a giraffe – ironic since she’s a mere 5’3!

Klara Lisac

Foraging expert

Originally from Croatia Klara studied industrial design. After moving to England she trained as a chef before arriving in Ireland. Tired of fast paced life in the big cities Klara found herself at peace in the seaside town of Cobh. She works in @seasaltcobh cooking delicious, healthy, sustainable food and is helping to bring about a conscious approach to food. She brings her expertise in food and plant ID to take us on seasonal foraging walks in the forest. In her spare time she paints, reads, gets creative with food and works with medicinal herbs.

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