Our Story

The work of the Green Step all began one day on a phone call between Melanie and Sara. Both recent graduates of Zoology from UCC neither of us had found a career path that fit. We figured that to realize a path in the broadening environmental sector we would have to forge it ourselves. Thus, the Green Step was birthed.

Transitioning to a sustainable lifestyle is challenging. While fulfilling and enlightening we were consistently plagued with guilt, perfectionism and idealism. We decided to document our experiences while interviewing innovative thinkers in the green arena around Cork. We dubbed ourselves The Green Step. Progress NOT Perfection became our creed as we realized the small steps we took toward sustainable living were what mattered, not our failures. Though it has to be said failure is where all the greatest lessons are learned.

Mel began volunteering with Cobh Zero Waste, a collective movement to create a circular economy on the island of Cobh. Through the group, organizing clothes swaps, information events and a weekly zero waste market stall, Mel and Orsi – an avid Zero Waster – met and quickly became close friends. Together we have gone on to deliver several successful workshops on Zero Waste living which are now included in the workshop range at the Green Step.

Sara began her MSc in water pollution and met Michelle – the third musketeer. Michelle, a wildlife biologist from upstate New York, joined the crew and the three of us went on to interview people on topics including the Circular Economy, Sustainable Fashion (with Michaela who would later join the team too) and Inclusion. To listen to these interviews and more check out the podcast tab above!

The She is Sustainable Cork conference organised by the amazing women of change by degrees, a grassroots adventure and plastic free Kinsale further energized the initiative. Mel, Michaela, Meadhbh and Orsi all attended and the resulting in synergistic idea sharing, added more (green) fuel to our co-operative. A foraging walk and litter pick in Cobh, with local chef Klara, solidified the partnership. Connected by our collective love for the Earth more concepts flooded in. In those moments The Green Step enterprise became more than just an idea but a viable reality for our futures.

With our diverse team brimming with passion we are well equipped to bring our knowledge to the fight to slow and reverse the Climate and Biodiversity Emergency facing us all. Our range of workshops are designed to empower and educate people on dealing with the crisis, conscious consumerism, sourcing sustainable materials, waste reduction and making essential lifestyle changes. Our selection of meditations are designed to help you tackle the emotion challenges intrinsically connected with these topics.

In time we will be launching our business consulting option – so stay tuned. In the meantime please explore the workshops and available meditations and podcasts. This work comes from our hearts and we are so overjoyed to share it with you.

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