Our podcasts were the first seeds planted in what was to become the Green Step enterprise. Airing on independent radio station UCC98.3fm since September 2018, we to deliver fun, accessible information on the climate and biodiversity crisis. The Green Step features a series of interviews, Monthly Mystbuster shows and information on current affairs in the green sphere.

We bring to you a selection of interviews with local not-for-profits organisations, volunteers, activists and business people alike. We feature up-to-date information on local events. Our aim is to help you find out what is happening in Cork and around Ireland in the face of the Climate Emergency.

We want our work to be accessible to everybody and therefore offer our podcasts and meditations free of change. However, if you have the means and want please considering making a donation on our patreon account. We put a lot of time, love and energy into making content for our followers and any support would be very appreciated. Thank you.

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Recommended podcasts

Ireland’s Climate Action Plan
Join us today live in studio today from 1-2 as we chat about the #ClimateActionPlan 
We’ll be dissecting the report in true biologist fashion. 
Get to grips with the transport objectives, land use changes and community action plans laid out in the bill over a hot cuppa with Mel, Michelle and Sara.
Creating a Circular Economy
This week we are joined by Stephen Thornhill of UCC’s International Development department. We discuss the concept of a circular economy. As well as the creation of such a system in Ireland.
Do you think a circular, less wasteful way of living will impact your standard of living? positively or negatively?
Are resilient communities integral to such an economic structure? Do closer communities lead to happier healthier individuals?
Policy reform & Community Action. What can you do to help?
The Slow Fashion Movement
We focus in on the environmental impact the fashion industry has as the worlds 3rd largest polluter (after oil & agriculture), with the Green Step’s own Michaela. It doesn’t just affect the ecosystems but the human health, rights & well-being. We go past the skin-deep superficiality of the fast fashion industry & consider a more inclusive, sustainable approach & chat about what we can do as consumers.
This lighthearted but hard hitting episode is bound to make you think twice about your favourite pair of jeans & those shoes you’d love for Christmas.
Be the Change You Wish To See.
This week we’re joined by Sara-Jane Cromwell, author, lecturer & life coach, as we delve into the world of inclusion, creating space & initating change.
How does your mind impact the environment around you?
Have we sanitised our language to a point of no return?
How can you create the change you crave?
Children’s Climate Strikes
We are joined by Alma Krause. At only 15 Alma has competed in debating at a national level, is the vice chair of the debate club in St. Als and engages in inspired direction action in her school and local community.
We get an insight into how she uses anger and gratitude as driving forces, top tips for getting your point across clearly & a firsthand account of the new Junior Cycle.

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